A brand that’s always up to date

Serena Wines 1881 keeps up to market trends, enhancing its range of wines with Prosecco Bio and special editions designed to celebrate important occasions.

The organic universe

In recent years, when our health and that of the environment have become of primary concern, everyone is seeking healthier and more sustainable products.  Serena Wines 1881 is in line with consumers’ needs and has extended its range of Prosecco to include an organic vegan version.  What’s the difference between organic and traditional Prosecco?  In the vineyard, the agronomist reduces the amount of pesticides to a minimum, and uses only natural fertilisers. In the winery, the oenologist uses natural, non-chemical products, all additives are organic and the quantities of sulphur dioxide are much lower than usual.

Prosecco Rosé

In expectation of official authorization, Serena Wines 1881 is ready to join the enthusiasm of many for a new version of Prosecco DOC. Prosecco DOC Rosé will exalt the denomination, through blending with the only authorised red berry grapes, Pinot Noir from our territory. This blend brings elegant colour, hints of fruit and a fine, lingering perlage. The rosé version pays homage to our female consumers who are fans of Prosecco DOC.

Special Editions

Designed for celebrating special occasions and important moments, Serena Winery’s special editions are also ideal as collectors’ items.


A white bottle is dedicated to summer, evoking seaside holidays or cool parties beside the pool. It contains a demisec sparkling wine that’s delicious with fruit or as a special ingredient for a cocktail.


For the outstanding occasion of the Alpine World Ski Championships to be held in Cortina in 2021, Serena Wines 1881, together with the Prosecco DOC Consortium, is launching a bottle dedicated to the event. It will contain a special extra dry Prosecco DOC, available in the sizes 0.75, 1.5 and 3 litres.

Black Edition

We have created our Black Edition to celebrate Christmas and toast in the New Year. An elegant black lacquered bottle contains top quality Prosecco DOC. It is presented as an original gift for the festive season and to provide a touch of elegance for important toasts.

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