Serena Wines is particularly sensitive to the environment; it dedicates time and energy to recycling waste material and is involved in several sustainable projects.


Sustainability is an important value in our company, understood as a continuous process, which recalls the need to combine the three fundamental and inseparable dimensions of development: Environmental, Economic and Social.

This is why we have embarked on a path of sustainability according to the EQUALITAS standard, obtaining the certification of a sustainable company for the internal processes: from production to processing to bottling and sale of the finished product.

We have drawn up our first Sustainability Report, relating to the year 2021, which can be viewed and downloaded. We invite you to contact us to request more details on the matter.

To receive the sustainability report write to

Sustainability report 2021

Sustainability report 2022


Together with Venice’s Ca’ Foscari University, we have started a research project to develop new energy-producing photovoltaic cells from vinification waste. The natural dyes in the ‘lees’, the dregs produced in wine making, which we supply, provide the colouring for photovoltaic panels that produce renewable, sustainable energy.


This is a recycling project that gives a second life to the waste from wine bottle labels. The silicone paper backing for rolls of labels is re-used to create new ‘ecological’ labels.