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Serena Wines 1881 has diversified its production into various brands that with a wide range of sparkling, semi -sparkling, white, red and IGT, meet the needs and tastes of wine lovers.

All the brands are produced by Serena in its headquarter and are a guarantee of the excellence of the territory in which they are born. 

Choose the one that best  suits your taste, your personality or the occasion you have to celebrate.

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Serena 1881

Serena 1881, arising from the experience of Serena Wines 1881 and love for the territory that hosts our vines, produces top quality wines for refined palates.  This line includes several versions of Prosecco, sparkling and semi-sparkling wines, as well as Veneto IGT red and white wines. 

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Ville D'Arfanta

Expression of a prestigious, top quality Prosecco, in DOCG and DOC versions. Our Prosecco DOCG is produced with Glera grapes grown in our vineyards on the hillsides of Arfanta di Tarzo.

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Corte Delle Calli

This brand brings to life the magic atmosphere of Venice; the labels for this outstanding line recall the nuances of the city’s unique panoramas. The line is complete with sparkling, semi-sparkling and still red and white wines.

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The joy and verve of the sparkling and semi-sparkling wines in this line come to life in the bright, vivacious colours of each label. Serenello is the freshness and youthfulness of the Serena maison.

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The hipster, funky line designed to contribute to the fun of youth. Ross, the deer featured on each bottle, has come down from the Veneto Prealps to explore the Prosecco DOCG hills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Just like everyone else, he falls in love, especially with the Serena Winery’s Prosecco that gives him a healthy boost.

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L’Uvas Fusti

A wide range of still and sparkling wines in kegs.  This historic brand made our winery famous throughout Italy and, over the years, abroad. Serena Fusti is the perfect practical space-saving solution that supplies quality to the hotel and catering trades.

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Champagne De Vilmont

The Serena Winery has owned this brand of elegant, refined Champagne since 2007. It will appeal to those who appreciate the style provided by the classical method and are fascinated by French bubbly of excellent quality.

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Casanova's charm and adventurous spirit come together in a packaging created to shine.
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Antonico is the line of bubbles that includes two sparkling proseccos, a frizzante wine and a cuvée.