Serena Wines 1881 at Prosecco Fest, Prague

The many varieties of Prosecco, a light, refreshing, sparkling Italian wine, are taking over the world.  On the 2nd of September you will be able to experience a whole day in the name of Prosecco at Villa Richter. An amazing view over the city of Prague and the vineyard of Saint Venceslao, will be the perfect background to the Prosecco Fest.

Wine tasting and music will animate the evening, where guests will be able to taste the famous Prosecco of the Veneto region, accompanied by some exquisite food by Chef Styf and other typical Italian delicacies.

A whole day in honour of Dolce Vita.

Further information regarding how to get to the Villa and the other many activities of the day, visit the website Villa Richter.

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See you in Prague at the Prosecco Fest.