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Prosecco Doc has discovered its perfect color
Elegant, surprising, unique. A wave of pink bubbles ready to overwhelm you.
Soé, be amazed by the new Prosecco Doc Rosé
Soé redefines the great tradition of Prosecco with a new pink image, peppy and elegant. The light bright pink color and the lively perlage will surprise you, but it is for its red and white flowers scents and the fruity notes of raspberry and strawberry, that you will fall in love.
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Serena Wines 1881
Serena Wines 1881 is located in the heart of the Prosecco region, not far from Conegliano, land to which it is strongly connected, as its historical estates spread among the sweet hills embroidered by vineyards, clearly tell us. The company has always been run by the Serenas, now at its fourth generation with Giorgio Serena and the fifth with the son Luca Serena, today at the helm of the company. The family boasts a century tradition in the wine world, together to a deep oenological passion and the strength of the daily work. The respect of the winemaking laws has been mixed during the years with the innovation, keeping alive the strong link with its land and Veneto region. Serena Wines 1881 has always been up-to-date with the market trends, ready to dare and propose innovative excellences.
The wait will make the first pink toast unforgettable. Pop the elegance and be surprised by the energy of Soé.
How to taste it
Excellent as aperitif, it is the perfect pair with starters in general and it enhances any first course with fish. On the palate it is pleasant and harmonious, a breath of elegant freshness.
Soé is the perfect balance between creativity and elegance
Discover our shades of rosé
Prosecco Doc Rosé Corte delle Calli

Brut Millesimato. Be amazed by its light bright pink

Prosecco Doc Rosé Costaross

Extra Dry. Intense perlage for the most sparkling toasts with Ross

Prosecco Doc Rosé Serenello

Extra Dry. The touch of elegance on the table.

Prosecco Doc Rosé Terra Serena

Brut Millesimato. Magnificent match for starters and light courses.

Prosecco Doc Rosè Ville d'Arfanta

Brut Millesimato. Fresh, pleasant and harmonious taste for any occasion.

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