Soé: the new style of Cuvée

Serena Wines 1881 launches its new product: Soé.

A concept born from the strong belief in the cuvée segment, an ever-growing and ever-expanding market
trend, but with a more qualitative approach, underlining a unique identity and an unmistakable style.

The packaging has been designed purposely to make the union between the two most renowned vines, the
chardonnay and the Rebula, way more attractive for both the client and the operator. The radiance of the
Rebula, a combination of sweet fruity aromas with expressed hints of exotic notes, meets the elegance and
finesse typical of the Chardonnay, giving life to a fresh and at the same time strong, taste. “Union” is the
perfect word to describe this new product, especially since the name of the bottle itself, “Soé”, represents a
fusion between the S of Serena and the final part of the word Cuvée, recalling its sound.

A non-average sip in the completeness of its taste, well balanced thanks to the brut dosage, perfect for
every occasion.