Serena Wines 1881’s collaboration with Donne si fa storia in support of high-profile female entrepeurship continues full of enthusiasm.

After the first exciting meeting of Serena Wines with the fine, innovative and 100% vegetable cuisine of Antonio and Giorgia Chiodi Latini in Ostana, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy at the foothill of Monviso, the rediscovery of the tastes and tradition of dishes made with local raw materials. Donne Si Fa Storia promotes a special meeting with the Prosecco of Serena Wines 1881 and the aromatic essences of Elisa Tarasco.

A meeting between the Piemontese’s farming company of Essenza Moviso and Serena Wines 1881, in which Donne si fa storia supports his mission: bringing together different innovative business models in order to start new dynamic relationships capable of maximizing potential of companies and their territory of belonging.

In these circumstances, the high altitude Piemonte’s Park of Monviso – Mab Unesco heritage, and the Veneto’s hills of Prosecco, Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, another site recognized by Unesco as A World Heritage Site.

On the one hand Elisa Tarasco with the cultivation of high mountain essences to produce precious products dedicated to health and beauty, on the other the grapes used by Luca Serena for renowned wines like Prosecco Soé.

Two companies, united by the same love for their land, but above all, by a project that embraces bio-sustainability and care for the environment.

A duty which was also attended by about fifteen researchers and PhD students in environmental sciences belonging to Alpstream, the research group wanted by the University of Turin, the Polytechnic of Turin and the University of Eastern Piemonte, to constantly monitor the state of health rivers – and their flora and fauna – particularly in Alpine areas where climate change has an important impact on the environment.

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