A rainbow of bubbles to say “Everything will be ok” Serena Wines 1881 in solidarity with the Italian Horeca channel

The light at the end of the tunnel is dim, but it starts to show up. There is a crisis to face and a restart to organize. Especially for bars and restaurants, among the sectors most affected by this health emergency that has blocked our country. But not the plans and the sense of solidarity of the entrepreneurs.

On this line, the Treviso-based company, Serena Wines 1881, has devised a project to support the many bars and restaurateurs scattered throughout the boot: one hundred thousand bottles will be produced which will be given as gifts to the client’s bars and restaurants, through drink wholesalers, distributors of this channel.

The project was made possible by the collaboration of the main suppliers of the Treviso company, which made available part of the dry material and the wine: for the corks FRANCISCO OLLER SA, for the wine CANTINA DI CONEGLIANO and VITTORIO VENETO SAC, for the glass ZIGNAGO VETRO SPA, for the CARTABOX SRL boxes, for the SANFAUSTINO LABEL SRL labels, for the ENOPLASTIC SPA capsules and for the communication STUDIO FRANCESCON & COLLODI SAS and STUDIO PERAZZA.

Each point of consumption will receive a free box of the bottle signed by Serena Wines 1881: special bottles that will have on the label the rainbow and the slogan that accompanied these lockdown days, “Everything will be fine”, and also the hashtag #State Sereni that will be present on the collar of the product. But not only that: each bottle will have a capsule colored red, white or green, to form an authentic tricolor of bubbles.

«Our company wants to make its support felt to the Horeca world – says Luca Serena, creator of the project – channel on which we built our reality. Thanks to suppliers and distributors, we will reach our consumers within the points of consumption scattered throughout the country with a message of strength and cohesion. It is a solidarity initiative in which Serena believes as a value for restarting, together with the entire sector chain. Together we are stronger ».

The project aims to provide support to the restaurant business that has suffered the most from the lockdown and is likely to be one of the last to be able to start again. But also to create a relationship of synergy between the company and customers, which will be amplified in the coming weeks on the social channels of Serena Wines 1881: the invitation to all restaurateurs is to take a photo or video, at the time of reopening , putting the bottle and the toasts of the customers in the center.

In these weeks Vinicola Serena srl, while optimizing the number of people within the company to reduce the risk of divulging covid-19, remained open and active throughout the month of April both from a production point of view and especially from the logistics one, to fulfill and fulfill orders in this difficult period.

«We are working with enthusiasm despite the current moment, and we are ready to start stronger than before with all of you»

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